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Vertical to LZ
Special rules
290 feet 
Coastal ridge soaring 
Akrotiri Peninsula 
SBA Restricted. Flying prohibited without membership in the BFHGC and notification of the Akrotiri J.O.C.
 About the site

Kourion launch

Kourion 2
Aerial view looking west
Kourion (Curium) has been our main soaring site since the dawn of flying here. It is a short ridge located at the end of a long line of coastal cliffs that extend from Evdimou eastward. This site is of archaeological interest and is thus sensitive. The Roman ruins located both at the top and bottom of the ridge are tourist attractions, as is the beach itself, and so flying gets a high profile here. 

Kourion is soarable in south-westerly sea breezes of 16 mph or more. In a perfect south-westerly the air is very smooth. As the wind moves more westerly it tends to increase in strength. Then turbulence will increase near the coastal road. But in these conditions you may encounter a little wave toward the left end of the ridge. This wave 
typically extends out over the water perpendicular from the last third of the ridge and makes for an interesting change. Under these conditions air tends to be turbulent in the bowl.

You may launch from either the armpit where the coastal road first gives you a view of the beach below or from the sandy area a bit lower and about 150 yards to the left. The latter is better in stronger or more westerly winds. 

The curium LZ is the area between the ridge and the beach road. We urge all pilots to land on the ridge side of the beach road at all times. This is a busy place in the summer. The beaches are crowded, the beach side of the road is full of cars and those driving on the beach road always invade your approach corridor after you are committed. They even stop right in front of you to watch! 

There is a large field off the end of the ridge. Do not use this field as it thoroughly aggravates the people who work that land. They have some goats and horses there and believe that the gliders scare the daylights out of the animals. Please respect their wishes.

 Getting there Kourion is reached by taking the coast road from the village of Episkopi, west of Limassol, a short distance to where it meets the sea. A turnout at the top of the hill provides parking for the armpit launch and a road at the base of the hill goes to the 
beach and LZ.
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