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Bill Hilman's Hangliding Site
I have no doubt this site will, in time, increase to include information on some hang gliding sites around the world. This is the first and has been put together by the author based on his experience in Cyprus and his love of Hang Gliding. As a non flyer, I find it interesting, informative and a good guide to some of the sites he and his flying friends have discovered. The site was produced because although I don't fly hang gliders, I appreciate the effort he has put into this and felt it is worthy of electronic publication. If you have comments or questions, please contact Bill or myself, we'd love to hear from you. Click on the "introduction" image below to proceed to the web site.

  A note on viewing the images:
Each area Bill describes is accompanied by small thumbnails images. You can view an enlarged version of each image by clicking on the thumbnail. BUT please be patient! I've tried to maximise quality versus image size so they may take a little while to download. The same applies to the maps titled "ROUTE".
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